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Tatja, 7 October 2007
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I am not sure if anyone reads this blog anymore now that I am on a big big adventure in the Far East anymore but in case you do, I thought I'd write a few lines about my new life in Sweden.

After two weeks of flat hunting from hell with my lovely cousin jenni and wonderful scottish friend tessa, we managed to get a place for 2 months. This flat is amazing, with three rooms with their own doors (enables us all have our own space) and a kitchen with anything impossible in it!

The lady who rented it out has a boyfriend from Edinburgh so thanks to Tessa we got it! I think she likes brits.

My trip here was probably one of the funniest for a long time - because I took too long to get the trip booked, I ended up in an A cabin on the boat, paying 50euros for it (actually my parents paid it, due to them being late with deciding when they'd have time to take me and my old granny bike to turku, where you get the boat from). There ended up being no-one else in my cabin, so I got a chance to invite a cabinless girl in from the corridor, who was very happy for that!

Otherwise life here is running pretty smoothly. We haven't got a great amount of friends yet Smile and not that many things to do, but I bet in a month or two life will get busier. Sometimes I feel insane for coming here but most of the times very happy.

It is a beautiful city and great to cycle in, I am so happy to have my bike here! Will put up some pictures in Facebook of our flat,etc so if you haven't joined yet, do soon. It's the easiest way to spread them around!

Hugs and kisses from the north to all xx

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